-via Kelly Lyles
Momir Bojic, a retired Volkswagen worker created a custom VW Beetle entirely out of wood! With the help of his wife Nada, he created wooden pedals, a steering wheel, dashboard, clock, signal lamps, and even bumpers.The body of the car is composed of thousands of thumbnail sized sections of oak, purposefully designed to replicate the roofs of Momir Bojic’s homeland of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

It’s obvious that hours of careful craftsmanship went into the project. According to Mr. Bojic and his wife, creating each tile was a 23-step process, including cutting, chamfering, bevelling, drilling, and smoothing the wood before it could be applied to the car.

The Beetle took 18 months to reach completion. Although it was originally going to be worked on by Momir alone, his wife thought he was crazy trying to do the whole project by himself and offered to help.

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