Here it is, a 1996 Honda Odyssey van which I’m LOVING (thank u Veek & David!)

It’s named the EXCESSORIES ODD-YSSEY (note name in jewelry on the side). It’s only about 1/2- 2/3 done, I just jumped in w/ out much of a plan & just started gluing, but at some point of course want every square inch of white covered w/ either purses, shoes (on top, ideally flashy ones, often kids dress-up since they have wider heels for glue), belts, sunglasses, gloves, etc. And jewelry, jewelry, jewelry. I wasn’t thinking about how much it would take, so any donations are welcome! The front is me as a Paperdoll (I took from an existing 1950’s one & modified, but even making chest smaller & waist bigger it’s “in my dreams!”)  w/ magnetized outfits. One of the ‘shirts’ was stolen within 2 days.
The rain & cold has slowed my progress a bit, but I’m having fun w/ a theme dear to my heart (more so than leopard spots, I’m reveling in colour again vs all that brown & black of Leopard Bernstein, now happily ensconsed in a Museum in Arizona.

Shoes on roof (phot by Phil Scroggs)Passenger side of Excessories Odd-Yssey (work in progress)p3300008.jpgPainting Magnetic Paperdolls at Fremont Fairvanfront.JPGDetail of jeweled back

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